The Start of the Railway (1880 – 1911)

The creation of the Canadian Pacific Railway, or CPR, began in 1874 and finished in 1885. As Canada’s first intercontinental train, there were major effects on many cities, as people were able to move from different cities, settle and development different areas, especially Western Canada as they didn’t have to go there only by canoe or boats.

Railways had many benefits, so in 1908 – 1911, the construction of Union Station began. The opening of the station marked the end of the CPR’s railway control. Winnipeg started to become more industrialized and developed. Below are photos from 1878 and 1913, both of Main Street. You can how some characteristics of Winnipeg have stayed the same, while others have changed severely over the span of about 35 years.

Union Station (below) is located at Main Street and Broadway, Winnipeg.

Built out of stone in a Beaux – Arts style, this 4 – story train station displayed the new types of architecture that was arising, as it was designed by Warren and Wetmore, the architects of Grand Central Station in New York City. It was mainly used for transportation purposes, as thousands of immigrants came to settle or to pass through to get to other cities. There were also train yards, warehouses, and offices.




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